Ross Island

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Ruins of Ross Ballrooms 2003.jpg

Ross Memorial Plaque.jpg

Ross Island Pier 2003.jpg

Chief Commissioners House Ross Island 1942.jpg

Facility and Housing map of Ross 1942.jpg

Front of Chief Commissioner's House 2 2003.jpg

Hospital Ross Is, possible birth place of Nell and Max Bird.jpg

Ross Island from Cellular Jail Tower 23 Nov 2003.jpg

Ross Island 21 Nov 2003.jpg

Residence of Maj. A.G. Bird Asst Chief Commissioner 1942.jpg

Japanese Bunker at Ross Island Pier 2003.jpg

Front of Chief Commissioner's House 2003.jpg

Presbyterian Church Ross Island.jpg

Printing Press Ross Island 1942.jpg

Residence of Col. Edison Supply Officer 1942.jpg

Ross Island from Fortune Bay Resort.jpg

Ross Island Ferry.jpg

Ross Island Church 2003.jpg

Ross Island Cemetary.jpg

Ross Island Pier 21 Nov 2003.jpg

Steps to Chief Commissioner's House 2003.jpg

Subordinates Club Ross Island 1942.jpg